Saturday, November 28, 2009

Malacca 2

I wake up at 7am something,
most of them still in their sweet dream...
Nicole, Marcus, Andrew, Thomas, Lee Tat and I go out to fetch Michelle and See Wei,
but due to something unfortunate happened,
See Wei have to take bus and go home...
after take her to bus station, we go shopping for our BBQ stuff
then go to eat Mee goreng...
oh gosh, it really spicy....

At noon, we go to Dataran Pahlawan for a walk,
Nicole bought a new watch at there,
then when both of us prepare to walk outside (A Famosa)
we meet with Nick and thus three of us spending our evening together,
oh ya, about 3 something, we feel hungry and go for dessert
I have read bean soup, Nicole have "tang sui"(forget the name)
while Nick have ABC, which have 3 scoop of ice-cream on top of it,
and sarsi flavour in the ice....
*Nick eat till shivering , SWT (@_@"')

then We go for BBQ at beach....
well, because of the wind which blow uncertain,
we only manage to set up the fire after more then 1/2 hour of effort,
and all thanks to effort from Kimberly and Soon Guan
then I just sit down and wait for them to BBQ for me...
**haha, suddenly feel lazy,but Is till have lend them a hand,
by wrapping up sweet potatoes and corn using aluminium foil
***at 1st,when Marcus then using aluminium foil to wrap the BBQ stove,
I feel quite worry, coz I scare it will burn up,
like what happen when we BBQ during Tenny Birthday,
where the aluminium foil burnt all at sudden,
luckily some guy put it off fast...
and the foil is not really large....

We BBQ till 9 something,
then some of us go to Taming Sari to have a city view,
then some go for Eye On Malaysia..
while they having fun at the ferry wheel
Kean Hoe, Nicole and I go to see animals,
where most of them is snake and frogs,
only few is cat, cock ....
**oh my, it really smelly, no wander I dislike it....

after have enough fun, some go home to rest while the other go for supper,
we actually want to eat "satay celup'
but the bad boss didn't do business on that day,
then what to do (this phrase I learn from Junior)
go to eat Duck mee....

That night no more game to play, most sleep earl,
I myself also sleep at 4am...
thought 2nd night (or final night in Malacca),
they will stay awake whole night and gaming tim...
sad and feel regret for sleeping early for yesterday night

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